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Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto launches Bitcoin Mine, software which will destruct USD and EUR

1 January 2018, 09:47


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    Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto launches Bitcoin Mine

    Bitcoin was introduced in late 2009 by mysterious person or person group that goes by the name “Satoshi Nakamoto”. During these years Bitcoin became more and more popular and today one Bitcoin costs more than 8000 USA dollars, which is crazy compared with 2009 when Bitcoin price was 3 cents.

    The goal of the Bitcoin was and still is to replace our government-controlled currencies.   It’s only natural that a better alternative will replace the old. Bitcoin is a frictionless system of economic networks with global 24/7 availability and advanced functionality that already exceeds the capabilities of big banks and legacy financial infrastructure.

    For first few years no one took Bitcoin seriously - it was a “geek” thing, but, as time went by, more and more people started to see the benefits of Bitcoin, still, it is hard to believe that this crypto currency can “actually” replace our Dollars and Euros. It just won’t happen, right? Well, we might be wrong. Satoshi Nakamoto has just announced the “phase two” of Bitcoin take overand it’s actually pretty scary. We have added the announcement below.


    As you can see Satoshi Nakamoto is pretty serious and his plan actually makes sense. He wants to destabilise Euros and US Dollars to prove everyone how worthless these government currencies actually are. Regular people will suddenly become millionaires, while the top 1% will become penny-less. Billion-dollar organisations will fall and governments will lose control, leaving the Bitcoin as the only reliable alternative, so we will have no other choice than to adapt to it globally.   

    But why only Euros and US dollars? Well, worlds economy is based mainly on US dollar, and the Euro is the second most significant currency. If these two go down, all other government currencies will follow. It’s a domino effect. 

    So now it becomes more of a moral question - do you want to be a part of this global economy collapse? On one hand, you will shortly live as a wealthy individual and help the world to transition to crypto currency, while on the other hand, you will be blamed for this collapse itself, and trust me, it won't be pretty when the world economy collapses. 2008 crisis will be nothing compared to what is about to come. 

    We won't be your spiritual mentors and tell you which is the right thing to do - it is up to you to decide this. But what we can tell you is that Bitcoin Mine is real and it does work. We signed up as a part of the research for this article and in just 2 days our trading account had profited 141,801.75$. 

    This whole thing feels surreal. We are on the edge of the new revolution - something that will be written in the history books. 

    Click Here to access Bitcoin Mine


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